Flow...pose to pose, word to word...just flow.

True North Alignment

Have you ever practiced the physical difference in the qualities of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space

If you have ever taken a Power Yoga or Baptiste Yoga class it is likely you have heard the teacher speaking to True North Alignment. Verbal cues such as:

  • Feet to 12 o'clock
  • Lift your toes
  • Spread your toes
  • Ground down the four corners of your feet
  • Inner ankles back 
  • Outer ankles down
  • Externally Rotate
  • Outer shins hug in
  • Engage your core
  • Pull the pit of the belly into the spine 


True North Alignment is the basis of all the poses practiced in Baptiste Yoga. It is a neutral and natural alignment that will bring about a lifetime of health and ease in your body. The effects of this powerful alignment are healing and deeply strengthening. True North is used in every pose we practice in Power Yoga to help create a yoga practice that will leave you feeling integrated and whole. Align what you say, speak, and feel, to achieve True North Alignment both on and off your mat.

Steps to finding True North Alignment in your Body:

Begin at your foundation and work your way upward.

Ground down like EARTH.

  • Set your feet at 12 o’clock. Spread your toes out wide, and press down into the earth equally through all four corners of your feet.

Flow like WATER.

  • Bring an element of ease and suppleness to the joints of your body. Keep your pelvis neutral by lifting the front of your pelvis up toward your navel while your tailbone descends gently toward your heels.

Build an inner FIRE.

  • Pull the pit of your belly up and in, creating Uddiyana Bandha. From your skin, to your muscles, to your bones, hug in to the centerline of your body.

Soften like AIR.

  • Draw your front ribs in toward your body, and expand across your mid-back by sliding your shoulder blades down and in towards your spine. Roll your upper arm bones back, and open across your chest.

CREATE SPACE for something new.

  • Lift up from the back of your heart. Root down and lengthen your body from your feet up through the crown of your head. Draw in to your powerful center and radiate full expression out!

These physical principles will bring a lightness and an ease to each one of your yoga poses, and will help you create smooth transitions between the poses as you move and flow. Aim to create True North Alignment in your body both on and off your mat for a powerful, easeful existence every day.